The Diocese of Des Moines

Archives of the Diocese

The archives seek to promote an understanding of the origins, aims, and goals of the Diocese as reflected in the workings of the official diocesan offices, agencies, consultative bodies, and institutions. This includes sacramental records as well as mundane items, such as property transfers and some genealogical data.  Although the Diocese was formed in 1911, the sacramental records received from parishes and contained in the archives are incomplete until approximately 1940.  Individual parishes will have more complete records prior to 1940.

Parishes have five kinds of sacramental records: Baptismal (birth), Marriage, Death, First Communion, and Confirmation Records. These records ordinarily are maintained by the parish which created them. An individual who needs his or her own sacramental records should first contact the parish for the necessary certificate(s).

Every year parishes send a list to the diocese of all baptisms, confirmations, marriages, and deaths. The diocese has no full-time staff members assigned to the archives. However, as time allows, the diocese may be able to assist with requests for sacramental information.

Lynn Wingert is the assistant archivist and can be emailed at


Submit an Archive Request

To submit an archive request, please include in the comments section your full name, date of birth, parents' names, the type of sacramental record requested, and name of parish and city where you received the sacrament.

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