The Diocese of Des Moines


Diocesan Centennial Celebration

Thank you for celebrating the Diocese of Des Moines' 100th anniversary with us on Nov. 6, 2011 at Hy-Vee Hall. We had a record crowd for a diocesan event with more than 6,300 people filled the seats and we saw one of the largest, if not THE largest, Youth Rally ever for the diocese!


Please check the diocesan Facebook page for pictures from the children's programming, the Youth Rally and the adult and afternoon sessions of the Centennial Celebration.


Resources from the day

People have been asking us how they can get a copy of, or hear, the speakers at the Nov. 6 diocesan Centennial Celebration. Here are the resources. Thank you to 1150 KWKY Catholic Radio for providing the audio.



Archbishop Emeritus Harry Flynn: AudioText


Living and Following Christ

Kathy Regan:  Audio, Text

Antonio Banuelos: Audio, Text

Maria Vakulskas Rosmann: Text

Ron Rosmann: Text

Rosmanns: Audio



Bishop Richard Pates: Audio, Text


For a copy of the video "Witnessing to Christ" please contact the diocesan Communications Office.



The theme for the day is A Journey Together Celebrating Evangelization: Past, Present and Future. The day for adults will closely resemble the structure of the On a Journey Together evangelization process following these steps: Awakening to Christ, Living in Christ, Following Christ and Witnessing to Christ.



Centennial initiatives

Throughout the year, the diocese has worked to advance a number of initiatives in identifying and addressing the needs of the diocese for the coming years.


Youth -- Read about World Youth Day and the National Catholic Youth Conference

World Youth Day -- Get the details on the centennial pilgrimage to Madrid for World Youth Day 

Cultural Events -- Find out about upcoming concerts, the Saint John's Bible exhibit, and more     

Senior Housing -- Learn about a new resource for parishes that are interested in developing housing for senior citizens 

Parish Expansion -- St. Luke the Evangelist Parish in Ankeny is up and running with founding pastor Father Larry Hoffmann leading the way. 

Cristo Rey -- The work continues to establish a Cristo Rey school in the Des Moines metro area. Read the latest here. 

Bishop’s Council -- Bishop Pates is developing a small leadership group for input and participation in various initiatives.


Local preparation: On a Journey Together

The Diocese of Des Moines has spent the last two years preparing its people spiritually for the Nov. 6 Centennial Celebration by offering an evangelization process called On a Journey Together. For more information, look here: Parish Evangelization Groups