The Diocese of Des Moines

Catholic Schools


 "The very first week of enrolling our two boys in Catholic School my wife and I noticed a definite change in what they talked about at home.  Our boys talked about Jesus and faith-related topics as a normal part of their conversation.  At least once a day they just start singing christian songs together that they are learning at school.  Their Catholic education is making our entire family more Christ-centered."

 - Bret, Catholic school parent


Student Achievement Results

Catholic school students in the Diocese of Des Moines consistently demonstrate higher test scores than the state and nation.  See the links below to see Iowa Assessment and ACT test scores from 2012.

  • Iowa Assessment scores are higher in all areas (reading, math, science) than the state and nation. See Iowa Assessment student achievement data for diocesan students from 2012.

  • Des Moines diocese Catholic high schools are scoring higher than state averages in all areas of the ACT exam with a composite score of 24.1 for the diocesan high schools versus 22.1 for high schools in the state of Iowa in 2012. See ACT data from 2012

Diocesan Catholic school students take part in the Iowa Assessments. This test is given in grades 3-8 and high schools are assessing multiple grades. These assessments focus on achievement in the areas of Reading, Math, and Science. Schools may also choose to assess in the area of Social Studies, vocabulary, computation and language skills. 


Students are also assessed in the areas of Reading, Math, and Science on a second assessment. The state requires we assess students in a different format other than multiple choice, like that of the Iowa Assessments. In the Diocese of Des Moines, we assess 4th graders in reading, 6th graders in Math, and 8th graders in Science. High school students are also assessed in these areas.