The Diocese of Des Moines

Catholic Schools


 “Thank you so very much for the tuition assistance for our daughter.  A Catholic education is very important to us as we both attended Catholic schools.  We hope to be able to return the favor to other students in the future.” 
--Brad and Carole, Catholic school parents


Financial Assistance

The average cost of Catholic elementary schools in the Diocese of Des Moines is approximately $2,510 per year. For those with the resources to afford the full tuition, the benefits of a Christ-centered education are well worth the investment.

But what about those families who want to send their children to Catholic school, but simply don’t have the income to pay the full cost of tuition?

That’s where a few programs that offer financial assistance are available to help.  

The programs are:

  • The Catholic Tuition Organization
    Diocese of Des Moines (CTO) grants annual tuition awards to families who need financial assistance.  The CTO accepts applications from families whose family size and household income falls within certain levels.  During the 2012-2013 school year, nearly 1,400 students were able to afford Catholic education through the help of CTO.  For additional information, please contact your local Catholic school or visit the CTO website .


  • Project HOPE/Brady Trust
    Project HOPE (Help Our Parents Educate) gives children the opportunity to receive quality Catholic education by providing tuition scholarships to families in need.  Funds from Project HOPE provide additional assistance to those families who are in the most financial need to help make Catholic education a reality.  Families must be Catholic and attend an elementary school. 

    The instructions and applications for Project HOPE/Brady Trust are available below.  All of schools in the Diocese of Des Moines also have applications. Please contact your local Catholic school for more information.          

                           Application-English.doc    Application-Spanish.doc 



Give the Gift of Catholic Education

Individuals wishing to help make it possible for children to receive a quality Catholic education can contribute to one of the funds that financially assist parents who are not able to pay all of the tuition costs.  The funds are:


  • The Catholic Tuition Organization, Diocese of Des Moines.  Individuals who donate to the CTO will receive a 65% state income tax credit, as well as federal deductibility when itemizing.  For more information, contact Jeanne Wells at (515) 237-5010 or visit the CTO website.  


  • Project HOPE (Help Our Parents Educate) is a great way to help children receive a quality Catholic education.  Individuals who donate to Project HOPE will receive a tax deduction.  Please help support a longstanding tradition of our Church to offer Catholic education whenever possible. For more information, visit the diocesan Giving page or contact Joan Bindel at (515) 237-5079.