The Diocese of Des Moines

Catholics Come Home - Television


On local media outlets, cable channels and satellite dish services you will begin to see Catholics Come Home Evangomercials beginning on February 8 through March 26, 2016.  Below find three examples that were shared at training workshops around the diocese in preparation for this outreach.Catholics Come Home Evangomercials




The Diocese of Des Moines will provide information in print and digital formats on multiple platforms throughout the Jubilee of Mercy


Catholics Come Home Flyers: Reversion testimonials

Randy Kiel      Jan Green      Lindsay Farmer



Press Release: 12-8-15 Kickoff English and Spanish


Bulletin Announcements: Paragraph length, Short versions

                                                 Short announcements in Spanish



   Bishop explains the Jubilee of Mercy at the Summit for Church Administration. 

       Father David Polich shares why he thinks the Holy Father is focusing the jubilee year on mercy. In Spanish.

       Deacon Dan Gehler ponders why mercy is the focus of the jubilee year.


30-second radio ads: 

   Jubilee 1   Jubilee 4  Jubilee 7  Jubilee 10

   Jubilee 2   Jubilee 5  Jubilee 8

   Jubilee 3   Jubilee 6  Jubilee 9



         We encourage social media users to tag @DMDiocese with #MillionActsofMercy featuring pictures and posts of people caught in the act of spiritual and corporal works of mercy. There are millions of little acts of kindness we experience and share in our corner of the world. Let us affirm those who are witnessing to their faith and encourage others. 

     Graphics: #MillionActsofMercy1, #MillionActsofMercy2, #MillionActsofMercy3, #MillionActsofMercy4, #MillionActsofMercy5, #MillionActsofMercy6, #MillionActsofMercy7, #MillionActsofMercy8, #MillionActsofMercy9, #MillionActsofMercy10