The Diocese of Des Moines

Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month - Catholic Charities Phoenix House – February 2016 — 

Students from Shenandoah HS and their Martha Wight, Phoenix House Volunteer Coordinator & PR Specialist

Students at high schools in western Iowa participated in Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month. Students in Shenandoah, Glenwood, Stanton, Sidney, and Council Bluffs (Abraham Lincoln, Kanesville, Lewis Central, and Thomas Jefferson) high schools participated in the Healthy Relationship Prevention Curriculum at their high schools.  Posters from Catholic Charities Phoenix House and ones created by students for Teen Dating Violence Awareness were displayed around their schools. Students also created table displays all week at their schools with information on teen dating violence, healthy relationships, Phoenix House information, promotional chap sticks, candy, and awareness wristlets. 

We live in a nation where 1 in 3 students report experiencing some form of abuse and more than 2/3 never report that abuse to a caring adult.  Catholic Charities Phoenix House provides professional and committed staff who provide services to the youth in our community and to adults wanting to help to prevent youth domestic violence and sexual assault.  Phoenix House also provides prevention programming to help youth learn about healthy relationships.  Phoenix House offers a 24/7 hotline where anyone can call for assistance and support.  Phoenix House can help with safety planning, one of the most important tools we can offer to teens experiencing dating violence.  Through a safety plan, Phoenix House can help identify a support network, connect to school and community–based resources, and empower youth to regain control of their lives, and help them better protect themselves from future harm.

Parents, school personnel and youth serving agencies can be that vital link to help teens know they are not alone and that help is just a phone call away.  Phoenix House staff are available to talk to those wanting to help and can provide a variety of resources exploring teen dating violence and best ways to assist.

Teens have the right to a safe and healthy relationship free from violence and free from fear.

For assistance call Catholic Charities Phoenix House at 712-328-0266 or 1-888-612-0266 or talk more about our prevention programming call us at 712-256-2059 ext. 115.