The Diocese of Des Moines

Sister Stella Neill, RSM, dies in single-car accident
Sister Stella Neill, RSM, died Tuesday, Dec. 7, in a single-car accident along I-80. Please keep her in your prayers.
Sister Stella Neill, RSM, dies in single-car accident — 

The Diocese of Des Moines was advised today of the tragic death of the beloved Sr. Stella Neill, RSM, due to a single-car accident last night. Sister Stella was not only a leader in the Catholic community but in the broader community, specifically related to housing issues. She was the founder of Anawim Housing and has assisted the diocesan Senior Housing Corp. In a note to all priests, sisters and deacons of the diocese, Bishop Richard Pates said: "We are very much aware of Sister Stella’s enormous contributions to her religious community, to the Diocese of Des Moines, to the religious women in this diocese and her indefatigable leadership and service to the poor through the housing projects of Anawim and most recently the housing initiative of Christ the King Parish." Funeral arrangements are pending. Please watch the diocesan blog and Facebook page for details as they become available.