The Diocese of Des Moines

The Diocese of Des Moines invites everyone to take part in God's mercy by visiting one of several Holy Doors throughout central and southwest Iowa. 


Here is a brochure with general information on the Holy Doors, where they are located, their hours and contact information at each site.


Here is a Pilgrimage Guide, to be used at the Holy Door churches. This guide will walk pilgrims through the prayerful experience including Scripture reflection and an examination of conscience.

School takes children on pilgrimage


St. Theresa School recently took its second through eighth grade students on a tour of Holy Doors in Des Moines during the school's Social Justice Week. See what some of them said.

What made your pilgrimage to the Holy Doors special?

  -- Staying in prayer for others
  -- Seeing all the different types of churches and knowing that the doors were sacred
  -- I think that seeing the amazing things that people can do with expressing their faith through the church
  -- I felt like I was connected closer to God
  -- It was special because I got to go with not only my class but with the younger kids which was also fun.
  -- When everyone sat/knelt down to pray on our trip, I really felt God’s presence and it made my pilgrimage special.
  -- It was cool to know that this would be the first time and one of the few times I will ever do this.
  -- They were all so cool!
  -- The fact that I did it with others.

  -- I was able to feel like I was following God’s plan.