The Diocese of Des Moines

Policies of the Diocesan Finance & Technology Departments


Management of church funds reflects the priorities and choices we make as administrators and as a Church community. How we care and effectively use the resources our members provide supports fulfilling God’s directed purpose for our Church. Our financial choices guide how we utilize the funds our members entrust to us to carry out our mission.
The Code of Church Law states that church administrators are to perform their duties with the diligence of a good householder. Each day, we join and support our parishes and schools in carrying out our responsibilities of sound church management.  Below you will find policies governing management and stewardship of the Diocese of Des Moines as well as associated parishes and schools.


Contract Review Policy

Fraud Policy

Information Systems Best Practices


Parish Hall Rental Policy - NEWLY APPROVED POLICY


Policy to Report Wrong Doing


Diocese of Des Moines Safety Statement


Trampoline Policy


Vehicle and Driver Safety Policy