The Diocese of Des Moines

Religious Liberty

Call to Prayer

The U.S. Catholic bishops have called for a nationwide effort to advance a movement for Life, Marriage and Religious Liberty through prayer, penance and sacrifice. Find out how you can join thousands of Catholics across the country who are responding to their invitation. Watch their video here.





2013 Fortnight for Freedom

June 21 - July 4


Join us for our diocesan Fortnight for Freedom event, July 7 at St. Ambrose Cathedral.  Click here for the poster!  Spanish Version of Poster click here.  


A message from Bishop Richard Pates

"I join my brother American bishops calling for a second “Fortnight for Freedom” from June 21 – the vigil of the Feasts of St. John Fisher and St. Thomas More – to July 4, Independence Day.  In 2013, we continue to face many challenges to religious liberty, including the August 1, 2013 deadline for religious organizations to comply with the HHS mandate; potential Supreme Court rulings that could redefine marriage in June, causing serious religious liberty issues for Catholic adoption agencies and many others; and religious liberty concerns in other areas, such as immigration and humanitarian services.  Through prayer, study, and peaceful public action during the Fortnight for Freedom, we hope to remind ourselves and others throughout the Diocese of Des Moines about the importance of preserving the fundamental right of religious freedom.  As Archbishop Cordileone stated, the Fortnight for Freedom is, “not another program but part of a movement for life, marriage, and religious liberty.”  My hope is that our participation in this movement will both celebrate and support these fundamental American values.