The Diocese of Des Moines

Workers Compensation


All employees are covered by Workers’ Compensation Insurance.


In the event of an accident or sudden illness of an employee, the following steps should be taken:


A supervisor should be summoned as soon as possible;
The employee should be made as comfortable as possible, clearing the area of all unnecessary personnel;
An employee trained in first aid procedures, if available, should be summoned so that appropriate first aid can be administered;
An ambulance, (911) if necessary, should be called for special emergency treatment at a local hospital.


These accident procedures must be followed to ensure safety for all employees.


After an accident on the job involving an employee, the State of Iowa requires that a “Employer’s First Report of Injury” form is to be completed.  The Workers’ Compensation law requires that the Diocese of Des Moines keep records on all accidental injuries to employees.  The employee should relate time, location, incident, nature of injury, and indicate if there were witnesses.  All employees are expected to cooperate in supplying the information needed to complete this form.


In a non-emergency, first report to the supervisor, who will recommend that the employee receive first-aid treatment by a physician or hospital of the Diocese’s choice.  Do not neglect an injury, an illness, or any health problem because it seems slight.


Reporting Injuries