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The Office for Worship aims to facilitate our growth in unity as a local Church through our joyful and prayerful liturgical celebrations.  In our role as a resource to the Bishop and as collaborators with the parishes and priests of the diocese, we are ready to connect you with information, materials, and formation opportunities to promote that unity.


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Holy Communion and Heath Concerns
In the middle of cold and flu season, clergy and lay ministers are reminded that due attention should be given to hygiene in cleansing communion patens (plates) and chalices (cups). A two-step process is requested after each Mass:

  1. Purifying the vessels with water alone, which is to be done by the priest or deacon. This may be done during Mass (Bishop Pates prefers that it be done with reverence and in a manner that does not draw undue attention or unnecessarily prolong the liturgy), or it may be done after Mass.

  2. Cleansing all of the vessels, thoroughly, using soap and hot water. This should be done after the vessels have been purified by the priest or deacon. Both lay and ordained may cleanse the vessels. Again this should be done after each Mass.

The omission of step 2 above will likely promote the growth and spread of bacteria and viruses, putting parishioners and ministers at risk of infection.


Most parishes already use the following recommended practices:

  1. Encourage usage of hand sanitizer by extraordinary and ordinary ministers

  2. Offer reminders parishioners that those who feel ill should consider receiving Holy Communion only under the form of bread

  3. Usage only of freshly cleaned purificators at each Mass

  4. Laundering purificators before reuse

Adding the above steps to purify and cleanse vessels will help all to feel confident about receiving Holy Communion under both forms, even during cold and flu season. Please contact Kyle Lechtenberg in the Office for Worship if there are questions of how to implement this in your parish.




The Rite of Election and Call to Continuing Conversion  will be held three times in the diocese: Saturday, February 21, 2015 at 7:00 p.m. (West Location TBD); and Sunday, February 22, 2015, at 1:30 and 4:30 p.m. (Cathedral of St. Ambrose, Des Moines). Catechumens and Baptized Candidates for reception into the full communion of the Church, along with their families, sponsors, and catechists will gather for this experience of deeper connection with the Church before their initiation/reception. 


The Chrism Mass will be held Thursday, March 26, 2015, at 7:00 p.m. at the Cathedral of St. Ambrose--the annual gathering of the Diocese of Des Moines. All are invited!



Roman Missal, Third Edition: Rolled Out!

  1. Are you still deepening your experience of God in our worship? An excellent series for parishes is the Federation of Diocesan Liturgical Commission’s “Three-minute Catechesis”, which is a series of 26 short reflections meant to be read at some point during, before, or after the parish Sunday liturgy.

  2. Visit the US Bishop's site for information on the new texts, as well as our diocesan site.

  3. Call or email Kyle Lechtenberg, diocesan Director of Worship, for any questions, comments, or concerns regarding the new missal. 515.237.5046. 

  4. Parish-level workshops are available. Contact Kyle Lechtenberg. 


 Image at the Top: "Young Corn" by Grant Wood (1931).

Oil on Masonite panel, 24 x 29 7/8 in., collection of the Cedar Rapids Community School District,

on loan to the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art.