The Diocese of Des Moines




It's tremendously important that we, as a Church, share our stories of faith with one another.  All too often, a fear of seeming self-centered, prideful, or "holier than thou" keeps us from allowing our faith in Christ to become a truly public affair.  Through our #WednesdayWitness posts, we hope to help the witnesses to the joy of Christ in Des Moines proclaim the message of the Gospel that much louder and further.  


E-mail your answers to the above questions, along with a clear picture of yourself that can be published on social media, and if selected, Justin White will follow-up with you to see about publishing your story on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


You don't have to e-mail about yourself if you'd rather not.  If instead you'd rather nominate someone who you believe has a story to tell, and is someone who lives as Christ through all they do every day, who makes the ordinary extraordinary by building the Kingdom of God through it, please send those in as well!




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