Marriage & Family Life: There is a Third Option for couples wanting to improve their marriages

by Diocese of Des Moines | April, 16, 2019

While we both loved the idea of being married, we really had no idea how to actually do it, not well at least. By the grace of God, I'm here today to tell you that we learned, we grew and we overcame those rocky years.

In the Heartland With Bishop Pates: Center of Family Faith Life is Sunday Worship

by Bishop Pates | April, 2, 2019

It is essential to make Sunday worship the Number One Priority in family life. While it may initially draw protest from a younger generation, sooner or later, I trust, they will come to appreciate this "eternal" gift.

Marriage & Family Life: Focusing on words during Lent

by Adam Storey | April, 2, 2019

Growing up, my Lenten sacrifices tended to center around food. But in the last few years, I've often been moved to try and give up noise, whether that's turning off the radio or reading fewer online articles or making greater efforts to avoid gossip. But fasting from words?