What Our Parents Say

We think Catholic schools in the Diocese of Des Moines offer the best educational opportunities for students, but don't take our word for it. Here is what our parents are saying about our schools. 

"Holy Trinity is a great investment in kids’ futures and an overall great place!”

“Affordable, accessible and the best foundation for your child’s education.”

“I love Holy Trinity Catholic School! Such amazing teachers and staff and a wonderful community of support and love!!”

"St. Pius X has been home to us for over 21 years. We have seen many changes over the years, and we are excited about the strong leadership that is in place. They have created an environment where our children feel safe and can focus on their academics. My husband and I have a collaborative relationship with teachers, support personnel and administrators. It is evident to us that Faith is front and center at school, which has strengthened our entire family's faith life. We feel very fortunate and proud to send our kids to St. Pius X." 

"At St. Pius X School, the teachers go above and beyond each and every day for all students. Every student is welcomed with open arms by all teachers and encouraged every day to do their best. The teachers are continually learning new ways to teach students about different subjects. Being a teacher is extremely hard, but the excellent teachers at St. Pius X are the reason we chose and continue to send our kids to school there."

"Students are challenged and invited to live their faith everyday in the way they interact with others-with kindness, consideration and integrity. The education our children received at Christ the King is priceless!"

"We send our children to Christ the King School because we like that our values and model of discipline are shared by the teachers and staff. It warms our hearts to see our kids participate in school mass and when they come home with a story about how the school came together in prayer."

"Christ the King is unique with its small and diverse community. Having the age range we have in a daycare - 8th grade environment creates an opportunity for leaders and disciples to thrive. Parents send their children to Christ the King for a different experience, and they become invested in their student's education and faith life."

“All three of our children attended and graduated from Christ the King School. As in most families, each one has different interests, learning styles, needs and personalities. The faculty and staff went above and beyond to meet my children where they were at, and challenged them to grow spiritually, academically and socially.”

"We selected St. Anthony's because of the innovation of the Spanish Immersion program. In our world today knowing another language fluently gives our children a wider, more compassionate way to view the world and people.  We are so thankful that St. Anthony's School was innovative with this program and saw the need to fill Des Moines with an immersion program."

"I am a 73-year-old great grandmother raising my great grand child who is in 2nd grade at St. Anthony’s school. My mother who is 96 attended St. Anthony’s I attended as did my children and my grand children. My great grand daughter is excelling because of the dedicated staff and teachers. Her faith is becoming stronger everyday because of the values they are instilling in her. It seems like we are all family because the parent involvement is very strong.  I am so happy my little one is able to attend such a great school.  She has blossomed and excelled like I said because of the work they do every day with her. I personally am so happy that Jennifer Raes is now our principal. She has brought so many new ideas and changes all for the good. God bless her, the teachers and the staff for helping make our jobs as parents and guardians easier. St. Anthony’s is and always will be the best parochial school in Des Moines."

"Shelby County Catholic School is a school fostered on faith, family, and education.  From the minute my children walk in the door, they feel safe and loved.  Shelby County Catholic School is a school that shines a beacon of light on education while instilling Christian values on a daily basis.  Because of this, we are proud to be a part of the Shelby County Catholic School family."

"Shelby County Catholic was the FIRST school in the area to have laptops for every student. STEM is not just available to every student, it is part of the curriculum. Not after school and not at additional cost. Kids are working with coding and programming. They are educated for what's yet to come."

"Our children have flourished here. The intimate class sizes, rigorous curriculum, and caring staff are just a few advantages of this hidden jewel. The teachers are devoted to the highest of academic standards, while nurturing the Catholic values and faith."

"Shelby County Catholic School is a school fostered on faith, family, and education. From the minute my children walk in the door, they feel safe and loved. SCCS is a school that shines a beacon of light on education while instilling Christian values on a daily basis. Because of this, we are proud to be a part of the SCCS family."

"Holy Family is a great school that cares for every student. It offers a diverse school community that provides an outstanding education, faith formation, and respect to all students and their families."

"Holy Family is like a family that comes together everyday to learn. The small class size helps teachers give individual attention to each student to help improve the students' homework, behaviors, and grades."

"Holy Family was the best decision we made for our children, we feel blessed to be a part of this school and community."

"The diversity of Holy Family has helped my kids have learn so many valuable things about other cultures. We will be forever grateful for this educational experience."

"My children love school. They love the teachers, they love the staff, they love their friends, and they love that they can talk and learn about God at school. And I love that they love school."

"The best part about St. Theresa is the people. It's a family! They'll tell you it's a family and they mean it! They don't just say it. The amount of love and care from the faculty, staff, parents, and kids shows each and every day!"

"Both of my children have special needs and every teacher has gone above and beyond to accommodate them and show them unconditional love. As a result, they are happy, safe and excited to learn and explore their faith everyday. It’s safe to say that they don’t just attend classes here, they thrive!"

"St. Theresa definitely has that small town feel. It is refreshing to be greeted from all the staff, and it eases my mind knowing my children are in a great hands. It is clear that the students are their priority."

"Every teacher is kind, courteous, respectful and loving. Every room is designed by passionate teaching professionals to enhance the student experience, with a strong focus on STEM."

"Enrolling our kids at St. Malachy has been the best educational decision that we have made for our family. From the faith-based approach to the strong academics to the professional teachers and staff, St. Malachy continues to exceed our expectations."

"Teachers and staff at St. Malachy build students up and promote respect and responsibility as they prepare the kids to be productive citizens and future leaders."

"We are constantly impressed with the dedication of the teachers, administration, faculty, and staff to strive to offer the best combination of religious and academic education for our children."

"The preschool program at St. Francis of Assisi School not only successfully prepared our children for Kindergarten, but also laid the foundation for our children’s eagerness for life-long learning in an environment that strengthens their Catholic faith."    

"Not only does the school provide a strong faith based education, it offers our family a community that enriches our lives so much.  The teachers, staff, parent and students are what makes St. Francis so special."  

"We are ever so grateful for the caring teachers, staff, and principal who were always willing to go the extra mile in molding the students. We are glad we chose St. Francis of Assisi and we wouldn't have it any other way!"  

"We both had the privilege of attending Catholic school and wanted our son to be ingrained in the same foundation of faith. We could see that having a Christ-centered education at St. Francis inculcated strong moral values in him. We are comforted by the fact that he is learning in an environment where everyone around him has similar values."

"Everyone at St. Pat's is amazing, and there are so many opportunities for parents to get involved. I love how the teachers interact with the students and the individual attention they give.  I cannot imagine a better school for my kids."

"Choosing St. Patrick is by far the best investment we have made in our children’s future.  The small class sizes ensure individual attention and lifelong friendships with classmates.  St. Patrick is not only a school, it is a family, and you feel that as soon as you walk in the door."