The Annual Diocesan Appeal Supports the People and Parishes IN SOUTHWEST IOWA

2022 Fast Facts

  • The Annual Diocesan Appeal (ADA) is the major fundraising effort conducted annually throughout our 23-county Diocese with all parishes participating.
  • The ADA ensures the Church’s mission of serving the people of God in southwest Iowa can continue. The ADA helps us encounter Christ, shepherd the faithful, support our local communities of faith and help people in need.
  • The ADA provides 64% of the revenue for the Diocese and each parish has a goal that is fundraised rather than assessed as a cathedraticum (a tax that is changed to the parishes to cover operating costs of the Chancery, health insurance, and/or pension expenses). 
  • Every parish meeting their parish goal has the opportunity to receive 100% of payments received above and beyond their parish goal, free from the Diocesan ADA goal calculation.
  • Pledges may be paid over 10 months from March through December.
  • Every gift is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.
  • The average gift in 2021 was $463 (as of January, 2022).
  • A total of 9,881 households contributed to the 2021 Appeal (as of January, 2022).
  • We ask that each and every family of our Diocese pray for the success of the ADA and consider a gift to the ADA.
  • Every gift matters. No gift is too small!


The Annual Diocesan Appeal provides more than $4.5 million in essential support and 64% of ministry and operational needs on an annual basis. This is your faith in action:  


Encountering Christ – ministries that bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to all

  • 1,335 new members of the faith through Baptism
  • 1,735 Communicants received the Body and Blood of Christ for the first time
  • 1,232 Confirmands sealed with the gifts of the Holy Spirit
  • 390 engaged couples undergoing marriage preparation
  • 35,000 households receive the Good News in The Catholic Mirror
  • 6,291 children receive a holistic education in our Catholic Schools
  • 16 Catholic Schools with professional training, supervision and oversight
  • 9,185 children encounter Christ in parish faith formation 

Shepherding the Faithful – supporting our faith leaders

  • 36 retired priests with medical care and retirement income
  • 53 active priests with medical insurance provided exclusively by the Diocese
  • 15 seminarians with formation and tuition expenses
  • 109 Deacons and candidates with training, education and support
  • 20 international priests with US Citizenship and immigration services

Supporting Local Communities of Faith – supporting parishes/organizations

  •  80 parishes with ministry and administrative services
  •  35,000 Hispanic Catholics with outreach and ministry needs
  •  21,695 employees and volunteers undergo screening and training to ensure a safe environment for our children
  • 1,765 employees with managed benefit plans

Helping People in Need – ministries that open the door for people to receive God’s mercy

  • $87,000 in disaster relief assistance
  • 277 refuges resettled
  • 4 Catholic hospitals offering Mass, Communion and Anointing of the Sick
  • 25,000 individuals served by Catholic Charities