Sharing God's Gifts, Preserving His Voice null


The Diocese of Des Moines is thriving and over the past decade, has been fortunate to see a continual increase in the number of families who wish to begin, or continue their own journey of faith formation. As Catholic communities in Southwest Iowa continue to flourish, they are subsequently met with the reality of new needs that must be addressed to preserve the Diocese’s position as a strong and prosperous diocese.

The purpose of the Sharing God’s Gifts campaign held in 2013, was a pursuit of $30 million to alleviate the diocese’s most pressing challenges and ensure that the Church is equipped to share the living Word of God for years to come. Sharing God’s Gifts will help establish the underpinnings of an even more successful Diocese of Des Moines for both current and future generations.

More than $40 million was pledged to this campaign. The diocese shares 50 percent of all funds collected from parishioners with their parish to help with local projects. For more information on your pledge to this campaign, contact the stewardship office at (515) 237-5083.