The Annual Diocesan Appeal Supports the People and Parishes IN SOUTHWEST IOWA

2019 Facts and Figures

  • The Annual Diocesan Appeal is the major fundraising effort conducted annually throughout our 23-county diocese with all parishes participating.
  • The Annual Diocesan Appeal provides funds for ministries, programs and services in education, charity, spiritual formation, pastoral ministry, parish assistance, and much more.
  • Every parish meeting their parish goal has the opportunity to receive 100% of payments received above and beyond their parish goal.
  • Pledges may be paid over 10 months from March through December.
  • Every gift is tax-deductible.
  • The average gift in 2018 was $368.84 (as of December, 2018). 
  • A total of 10,631 households contributed to the 2018 Appeal (as of December, 2018).
  • We ask that each and every family of our diocese pray for the success of the Appeal and consider a gift to the Appeal.
  • No gift is too small! Every gift matters. 

What the ADA Supports

  • The Diocese pays 100% of the  health care premiums for all active and retired priests. This expense is approximately $600,000 per year. The Priests’ Medical Endowment contributes to about half of this expense and funds from the ADA covers the rest.  These expenses are not incurred by your parish.
  • The ADA contributes $45,000 per year to the priests’ pension fund.
  • Last year, the payment for seminarians’ tuition, room and board was over $500,000.  The Diocese is currently supporting 18 seminarians with expenses.
  • In addition, parishes and individuals throughout the Diocese of Des Moines receive the following services based on support from the Annual Diocesan Appeal 
Bishop’s Office/Priests
  • Funds travel to parishes for Confirmations and special Masses/meetings
  • Funds shortfall from the Priest Medical Fund for annual medical expenses
  • Provides retirement benefits for priests beyond funds those provided by the Priest Pension Fund
  • Provides service to assist priests born outside the United States with the various requirements of the US Citizenship and Immigration Services
  • Assists in the organization of important ad hoc diocesan events.
  • Provides for record retention and important filings with the state of Iowa for parishes and schools
  • Funds staff support for ad hoc initiatives and committees, such as those planning for stewardship of the diocesan Pastoral Center, retired priest benefits.

Catholic Charities

  • Counsels hundreds of individuals and families
  • Provides expanded sexual abuse and domestic violence program in our diocese
  • Welcomes refugee families from a variety of countries and assists them in finding shelter and work
  • Feeds and clothes thousands of individuals at no cost through St. Mary’s Family Emergency Center
  • Houses families who are homeless and provides services to assist in transition into a self-sustaining situation 

Office of Catholic Schools

  • Plans and facilitates faith formation programs for school faculty members.
  • Supports the 17 schools by providing quality research-based best teaching practices through professional development, individual school and classroom visits on a monthly basis.
  • Serves 4,652 elementary students and 1,570 high school students in our Catholic Schools.
  • Assists schools with state accreditation requirements.
  • Helps schools obtain the educational services allowable from both the state and federal governments.
  • Provides marketing and recruitment plans, suggestions, and recommendations for the schools collectively and individually.
  • Assists pastors, administrators and boards with personnel and legal issues.
  • Assists pastors and school boards with the selection of new administrators.
  • Interprets new school legislation for the school administrators, pastors and boards.
  • Facilitates Project HOPE scholarship program.

Office of the Director of Administrative Services

  • Assists priests born outside the United States with the various requirements of the US Citizenship and Immigration Services
  • Oversees Safe Environment Program, Archives, Development, Human Resources, Facilities/Physical Plant, and Administrative Services 

Office of Communications

  • Supplements the cost of production for the monthly edition of “The Catholic Mirror” newspaper.
  • Provides the resources to produce monthly “In the Diocesan Loop” e-newsletter.
  • Produces the Bishop’s radio show, “In the Heartland with Bishop Pates” each week.
  • Maintains the diocesan website with up-to-date information.
  • Updates diocesan social media accounts to build relationships and share news.
  • Assists diocesan ministries, parishes and schools with crisis communication, marketing and other communication as needed.

Office of the Diaconate

  • Offers comprehensive formation and continuing education for all Deacons and Diaconate candidates 

Office of Evangelization and Catechesis

  • Includes the ministries of: lay ecclesial ministry formation, catechetical services, adult faith formation, youth ministry, and young adult ministry.
  • Assists in a systematic formation of lay ecclesial ministers (catechetical leaders, teachers, youth ministers, pastoral associates, etc.) which emphasize the whole person’s development (human, theological, pastoral, intellectual, emotional and spiritual) in a systematic way under the care of skilled directors and mentors.
  • Provides curriculum, pastoral leadership, guidance, skill development, professional networking and opportunities for growth for catechetical leaders (directors of religious education, Catholic School principals, and youth ministers).
  • Provides parish communities and directors of adult faith formation evangelization opportunities and on-going professional formation of catechists and catechetical leaders.
  • Assists parish communities in developing comprehensive youth ministry/adolescent catechesis and a systematic process for high school Confirmation which evangelize high school youth to become missionary disciples.
  • Develops comprehensive programming to evangelize young adults.
  • Develops comprehensive programming to evangelize students on the college campuses throughout the Diocese of Des Moines.  Campus Ministry is headquartered at St. Catherine of Siena parish in Des Moines.
  • Organizes National Catholic Youth Conference for 500 youth in the Diocese
  • Plans and implements Diocesan Youth Rally
  • Hosts Diocesan Confirmation Retreat
  • Acts as a resource for catechetical materials for use in comprehensive youth ministry/adolescent catechesis programs
  • Helps parishes develop effective faith formation retreats
  • Provides resources to Des Moines Area Youth Ministers Association (DMAYM)

Office of Finance

  • Administers group insurance plans for all parishes and schools in the diocese including Property, Liability, Workers Compensation, Health and other benefits, and a 403b Plan. This also includes working with various committees to provide guidance to parish staff in all of these areas.
  • Hosts quarterly Business Office Forums on both sides of the diocese. A full day forum is held annually with no charge to the parishes.
  • Prepares accurate financial reports for the Diocesan Finance Council’s review and approval which communicates the financial stability of the Diocese as a whole
  • Gives support and direction on a daily basis regarding financial matters to parish and school staff. This includes questions regarding software, government compliance, risk management, and accounting questions.
  • Develops programs and documents aimed at helping parishes safeguard the assets that have been entrusted to them by their parishioners and to help them implement good business practices. This includes producing the Annual Financial Report, the Parish Resource Manual, and periodic newsletters
  • Staff travels to each parish to provide an on-site review of internal controls. They later come back to meet with the parish finance council to review suggestions for improvements.
  • Performs all accounting functions for Catholic Charities and Catholic Tuition Organization in addition to the Diocese of Des Moines.

Office of Hispanic Ministry

  • Conducts leadership development program for Hispanic lay ministers
  • Supports Our Lady of the Americas cost of their associate pastor
  • Supports part of the costs for the Hispanic religious sisters ministering in the diocese for the past 5 years

Office of Human Resources

  • Answers questions for parishes and schools regarding human resource laws
  • Provides training on important documentation regarding human resources
  • Manages benefits program for parish and school employees
  • Posts parish and school openings on Diocesan website

Office of Marriage and Family Life

  • Provides marriage preparation for over 400 engaged couples a year and ongoing support for married couples throughout the diocese. 
  • Helps sponsor NFP teacher training for instructors, and scholarships for engaged and married couples learning NFP. 
  • Provides for ongoing support of our sponsor couples, including enrichment nights, trainings, and the Marriage Minute E-newsletter. 
  • Supports the regional ministry The Third Option, a program for couples that are facing challenges in their marriages.
  • Shares the Church’s teaching on marriage and family with young people throughout the diocese at events for middle school and high school students, and young adults.

Office of Safe Environment

  • Conducts quarterly audits to insure compliance with mandatory safe environment/Protecting God’s Children program
  • Performs a background check on all school and parish employees prior to employment
  • Performs background checks and records Virtus training for over 14,000 parish/school volunteers

Office of Stewardship

  • Supports our parishes’ stewardship efforts with resources to efficiently communicate, manage and report special collections for Diocesan, national, and worldwide needs such as Seminarians, Catholic education, Catholic Charities, and emergency relief situations.
  • Collects all funds related to Sharing God’s Gifts at no additional cost to parish.
  • Consults with parishes and schools regarding local fundraisers and stewardship efforts.
  • Helps pastors make donor calls as requested.
  • Monitors charitable giving laws and notifies parishes/schools of annual changes.
  • Reviews grants for parishes and schools as requested.
  • Assists parishes with major gifts.

Office of Technology

  • Provides various types of support to parish and school staff in regard to their software programs & computer needs
  • Provides Help Desk services in answering software user questions
  • Hosts parish & school staff training sessions and ParishSoft User Group meetings

Office of Tribunal

  • Processes annulments for couples

Office of Vocations

  • Creates a culture of Vocations
  • Promotes priesthood and religious life
  • Provides tuition for seminarians
  • Oversees summer pastoral and education programs for seminarians
  • Travels to seminaries to show prospects the joy of seminary life

Office of Worship

  • Assists in supporting the Bishop in his role as chief liturgist for our diocese.
  • Provides workshops for Holy Week planning
  • Assists parishes in developing liturgy committees
  • Provides resources and support for the major diocesan liturgies: Chrism Mass and Ordinations.
  • Works with ICC lobbyist for nonpublic school legislation
  • Assists in supporting the Bishop in his role as chief liturgist for our diocese.
  • Provides workshops for Holy Week planning
  • Assists parishes in developing liturgy committees
  • Provides resources and support for the major diocesan liturgies: Chrism Mass and Ordinations.
  • Welcomes new people to the Church through the Rite of Election, which is many people’s first contact with a Catholic bishop or Cathedral or for some guests of those to be initiated, the Catholic church. Each one to be initiated receives a prayer card to help them think about baptism and their experience with the larger Church.