Final module reflection paper guidelines:

Purpose of Reflection Paper 

The purpose of the reflection paper is to demonstrate what you have learned about our faith in context of the second pillar of the Catechism. Drawing from the Catechism and lectures your writing should include the three following elements. 

1. A synopsis of the pillar of the Catechism.

2. New insights that you gained from the corresponding pillar. 

3. The personal benefits you received from this pillar (Be specific in relation to pillar II - Liturgy and the Sacraments) 

It is not necessary to organize your paper into three sections. You can write in the style that you are comfortable with, just remember to include the three elements somewhere in the paper.

Format Requirements for the Reflection Paper 

• typed
• double-spaced
• 2 pages in length

Due Date: May 13, 2022