Take24 Retreats & Prayer Resources

Intentional prayer and discernment are essential to the Christian life.  To build the necessary habits for these, young adults should try to TAKE24: 24 minutes every day for intentional prayer, and 24 hours every few months for a retreat away.

Take24 Minutes for Prayer

Chaplet of Divine Mercy

Lectio Divina

Stations of the Cross


Liturgy of the Hours


Daily Mass

Take24 Hours for Retreat

Daily prayer is key, but sometimes the hectic nature of the rest of daily life can build up to the point where you simply must get away from it all.  To that end, we offer three 24-hour young adult retreats every year: one in Lent, one in Ordinary Time, and one in Advent.  The focus of each retreat changes based on liturgical season, but the consistent part will be sessions devoted to practicing 24 minutes of daily prayer, so that you leave the retreat more equipped for daily prayer than when you arrived.