Statement on behalf of St. Joseph School

May 15, 2018


The following statement has been released by Father Joseph Pins, pastor of St. Joseph Parish in Des Moines, regarding the parish school.

“I regret having to send this message. As many of you may know, Mrs. Phyllis Konchar (the principal) and I have philosophical differences of opinion regarding the church and school. We were working toward developing a cooperative relationship when I received complaints from a number of current and former staff. With the assistance of the diocese, these concerns were examined. We concluded that there was a pattern of conduct that warranted choosing not to renew Mrs. Konchar’s contract. I informed Mrs. Konchar of this decision and asked her to maintain the decision in confidence and in a professional manner. She shared with me that she had the right to tell the world – and she apparently has attempted to do so. In response she was let go.

“There’s apparently a perception that this decision was the product of animosity between Mrs. Konchar and me. Please be advised that the prior two pastors were consulted and Bishop Richard Pates approved the decision following the evaluation of the past conduct.

“You probably know that in situations like this the church and Phyllis' employer have to maintain a level of discretion. The best action at this time is for prayer for Mrs. Konchar, myself, and all associated with the parish. We pray especially for St. Joseph School and its students who are the most important consideration at this time.”