Holy Hours

We invite you to a Holy Hour.

A Holy Hour is a time to visit Jesus as he is present in the Eucharist. Through prayer, Eucharistic Adoration and Benediction, we can bring our fears, anger, questions and concerns to Him. We can also listen. In the quiet and peaceful presence of Christ, we may hear the Holy Spirit lead us in a new direction.

As the pandemic slowly winds down, we may ask ourselves: Where do we go from here? Have we changed? Have we become a more patient people? Are we more empathetic to the needs of others? How do we act on this renewed sense of community and common good? How do we, as a diocesan faith community, go on from here?

Bishop William Joensen invites us to deepen our relationship with Jesus through participating in Holy Hours in our local parishes, through online streaming of Holy Hours or in our own homes.

Here are some resources for participating in a Holy Hour.

The resources above are also available in Spanish.

Use these reflections when you go to a Holy Hour/Adoration