What is catechetical certification and do I need it?

The task of a catechist is to till the soil, sow seeds and help nurture growth in faith. 

A catechist who nurtures her or his own faith will be better able to assist another in deepening one’s Catholic faith. To aid the catechist, the Diocese of Des Moines offers a two-part process of formation and certification to help one grow in one’s own faith and to further develop the skills of effective faith formation.

This process is intended for:

  • Catechists
  • Youth Ministry volunteers
  • Sacramental  preparation

Those who achieve levels of certification will receive an award at a special Mass with the bishop.

There is no charge to the catechists or the parishes for participation in The Rich Soil Catechist Certification Process.

How will this process help me?

1st—You will increase your confidence in the knowledge you have of what the Church teaches and what we are called to become as members.

2nd—You will be better able to “think on your feet” and share your knowledge, experience and understanding of God, the Church, living our faith and our Catholic spirituality.

3rd—Formation towards catechetical certification is a process of adult faith formation which allows you to grow deeper in your faith. The relationships you will make during this process will allow you opportunities for continued dialogue and sharing, long after the formal sessions are complete.

4th—The formation process will help you blend information with formation so that your sessions lead to transformation. Faith is more often caught than taught, so being an effective witness is essential.

For more information contact John Gaffney at 515-237-5026.

The Rich Soil Catechetical Certification Brochure

The Rich Soil Registration Form

The Rich Soil Program Dates 2016-2017