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Diocese of Des Moines Safety Statement      

Safety Letter from Bishop Pates

Safety Coordinator Letter from Bishop Pates

Employee Safety Manual


Self Inspection Report (SIR)

Please contact Catholic Mutual Group for a copy of this year's SIR.  


Safety Information


Catholic Mutual Group - Guide to Emergency Preparedness

Catholic Mutual Group Online Safety Training

Festival Safety Information

Ice and Snow Removal Procedures with Maintenance Log

School Emergency Action Plan Resource List

Vehicle and Driver Safety Policy

 Volunteer Accident Claim Form


Safety Incentive Program

For the FY18 Safety Incentive Program, St. John the Apostle parish in Norwalk came up with the best safety ideas to be shared with our parishes and schools. Please consider implementing their following ideas at your location:

  1. Slips, trips, and falls are not only the number one claims paid, but also the largest claims paid in our diocese. To reduce the number of these claims due to snow and ice in parking lots, place buckets (5-30 gallon size with a lid) filled with sand/ice melt and a small scoop throughout the parking lot or near sidewalks for quick, easy access during inclement weather.

  2. Designate individuals or groups (ushers, confirmation classes, K of C) to assist others when walking through snow and ice to the parish entrance.

  3. Use marked people movers, such as golf carts, vans, wheelchairs, etc. to assist people through the snow and ice.

  4. To avoid the potential of a large claim from a grease fire, every parish/school should have a K-type fire extinguisher in their kitchen. K-type extinguishers are specifically rated for grease fires. With the many fish fries, festivals, and dinners held at our parishes, grease fires are a definite hazard that could be quickly shortened and kept contained with a K-type extinguisher.


Catholic Mutual Group Contacts

Report a claim by phone at 1-800-228-6108, email, or online.

Traci Zuk, Member Services Rep - 1-800-228-6108 ext. 2325

Melanie Tyree, Risk Control Specialist - 1-800-228-6108 ext. 2381