Schools and parish formation programs of the Diocese of Des Moines are sponsoring Building a Kingdom to raise funds for a high school seminary in Nigeria which is led by the Holy Spirit Fathers.  The seminary serves approximately 500 high school students under dire conditions.  The Diocese of Des Moines has been blessed by the ministerial services of three Holy Spirit priests from Nigeria over the past two decades.

Generous support the last several years have resulted in a complete renovation of the seminary's academic building, students' living quarters, and modernization of restroom facilities, which were in need of extreme repair and updating, as well as a recreation area.  This past year, the funds went towards renovating an additional student hostel and living quarters for senior seminarians.

Recently St. Pius X parishioner Kevin McGuire returned from a trip to Nigeria and ad the opportunity to visit the seminary, tour the facility and meet the students, teachers and leadership.  He gathered video footage from  his visit.  Click here to view a video from Kevin McGuire's trip.

McGuire noted the great benefits to supporting Building the Kingdom.  "First, the cultural exchange is very important.  There are many differences in our cultures and how we think.  We help each other by understanding each other better.  Second, it's a direct benefit to the Diocese of Des Moines in the priests that have come here to serve our communities.  Third, m ore children are getting a great education in this world and they are positively impacting their neighborhoods which impacts us.  It's amazing.  This is a place that's in a rough situation, dealing with dilapidated buildings, little resources, but they are sending their priests here to help us.  It doesn't get any better than that," said McGuire.

if you are interested in supporting the Building the Kingdom project, please make checks out to

Diocese of Des Moines

Attn: Building the Kingdom

601 Grand Ave.

Des Moines, IA  50309

Thank you for Building the Kingdom:  God's Kingdom!

Click here to view a video from Kevin McGuire's trip.