The standards and benchmarks of the Diocese of Des Moines have been written, reviewed, and revised as a collaborative effort between the Diocesan Schools Office and diocesan administrators and teachers.  The standards drive our classroom instruction and reporting system.


All K-5 schools use a standards-based reporting system to reflect the standards-driven education in the Diocese of Des Moines.  Most schools also use the system in the 6-8 classrooms along with a more traditional letter grade system.  The reporting system progress reports (report cards) provide parents with a summary of their child's progress in the educational program as well as their character development.

Progress reports are available to K-8 parents on a trimester schedule during the school year.  Parent-teacher conferences are also scheduled twice during the school year.  Conferences provide opportunities to review student progress during brief collaborative conversations between parents and teachers.  Of course, dialogue is always encourage between home and school.


Every year the Diocese of Des Moines Catholic schools and teachers focus on improving their classroom practices using research based strategies.  They encounter different professional development opportunities as a diocese and in their individual schools.

Each year, all administrators and teachers write professional practice goals.  These goals are developed after consideration of student achievement data and school goals.  Progress is monitored through reflection, observation, practice and discussion between administrators and teachers.