Catholic Anthropology and Human Dignity Writings

Suggested Vatican and Papal Documents

Suggested Writings from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) 

  • Ethical Directives for Catholic Hospitals (Sixth Edition) 2018. This document provides instruction for Catholic hospitals and health care professionals regarding the mission and scope of their work. Addressing both pastoral and moral issues alike, the bishops provide guidance on the standards expected of those in Christian health care. The Directives include instruction on specific moral dilemmas encountered in the health care field including those that pertain to human fertility and life.
  • Catechetical Formation in Chaste Living 2007. This resource was developed by the bishops' Committee for Evangelization and Catechesis and approved by the bishops in November 2007. It provides guidelines for curriculum development and publications on the virtue of chastity. Its chapters take in Church teaching (including special issues); and sections for pastors, parents, and teachers.
  • Human Sexuality from God's Perspective, Humanae Vitae 25 Years Later 1993, USCCB Committee for Pro-Life Activities. This short 25th-anniversary statement revisits the teachings of Humanae Vitae. Echoing the words of St. Paul VI, it emphasizes the reverence due to human life and the responsibility of parents to defend such an invaluable gift. In protecting the great worth of human sexuality in God's plan, the document has a section devoted specifically to Natural Family Planning.
  • Doctrinal Note On The Moral Limits To Technological Manipulation Of The Human Body

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