Technology Security Tips

Every month, the Technology Department provides useful security tips in In The Loop to increase your awareness of cybersecurity threats and keep your electronic information safe. These tips cover a variety of technology-related topics, including phishing scams, malware awareness, Internet security, online shopping safety, video conferencing, how to securely work remotely, and the importance of having data backups. You can find the full tips from In the Loop below. 

2022 Tips

January - End-of-Year Tech Tips

February - Windows 11 is Coming

March - Computer Disposal Tips

April - Battle of the Browsers

May - Multi-Factor Authentication

June - Cloud Storage Alternatives

July - Changing Recommendations for Passwords

August - Hardware Roundup

September - Cyber Security

October - Tech Trends for Churches

November - Diocesan Email

December - Tech Tips


2021 Tips

January - New Year, New Scams

February - 2021 Top Cyber Threats

March - Handy Computer Tricks

April - Employee Lockdowns Contribute to Cyber Threats

May - KnowBe4 Security Course

June - Ransomware Preparedness

July - Employee Cyber Security "Must Knows"

August - Slow Computer Woes

September - Cloud Storage

October - Online Banking Security

November - Anti-Virus Subscription Email Scams

December - Top Cyber Threats


2020 Tips

January - SMiShing is a Type of Phishing Done by Mobile Phone

February - Windows 7 End of Life

March - KnowBe4 Home Internet Security Awareness Course

April - Working Remotely During COVID-19

               Using Zoom Teleconferencing

               Avoid Coronavirus Scams

May - 12 Cyber Security Tips

June - Lock down your Log-in with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

July - Financial Scams and Coronavirus

August - Video Conferencing Tips for Attendees

September - KnowBe4 Home Internet Security Awareness Course

October - Scammers "Prey" (not pray) on Our Kindness During Disasters

November - Small Business (or parish) Cyber Security Preparedness

December - Holiday Phishing Scams