Have you invited the bishop to celebrate Mass with your parish, school or group? As soon as you have a date confirmed with his office, contact liturgist Kim Mandelkow so you can start the collaboration process for creating a beautiful and meaningful prayer experience. Kim will help guide you through the selection of readings, songs, filling liturgical roles and more. Complete this pdf file to jumpstart your discussion with Kim.

Why do we do what we do during Mass?

Our Church fathers have said that Mass is the "source and summit" of our faith. Yet how many of us really understand the rich symbols and meanings of the various parts of the Mass. Diocesan Worship Director Kim Mandelkow (515-237-5012) would be happy to visit with a group of 20 or more to talk about why we do what we do during a Mass. She can also provide a wealth of resources for those interested in delving deeper into the prayer of the Mass.

Catholic worship

Prayer alternatives to Mass

There are many ways we can talk to and listen to God in addition to Mass. Here are just a few suggestions with links to a description of how to take the first step in trying these different kinds of prayer.

Liturgy of the Hours

Lecto Divina