The Diocese of Des Moines

Catholic Schools


"I attended the Des Moines Catholic schools from elementary through high school and currently teach in the Des Moines Diocese.  I have taught in a variety of settings before - public and private - and can honestly say that the education provided at the Des Moines Catholic Schools is phenomenal.  Our students learn in a caring, God-centered environment and are provided with numerous opportunities to excel in


and outside of the classroom.  As a student, Catholic schools provided me with the tools necessary to succeed and I am proud to be able to provide that same devotion to my students."

 - Gregory Stotts, teacher


About Catholic Schools

There are 18 Catholic schools in the Diocese of Des Moines.  Students of our schools receive a holistic approach that focuses on educating the body, mind and soul.  Students learn about their Catholic faith, how to live it by serving God and others in need, and receive top academic training in a safe, nurturing environment. 


Our Vision

Catholic schools in the Diocese of Des Moines, based on the teachings of Jesus Christ and the mission of the Church, are collaborative communities of spiritual formation and academic excellence, where students grow in faith and wisdom, emerging as responsible citizens dedicated to the practice of life-long discipleship of Jesus.


Our Mission and Belief Statements

We develop and inspire learning for life by providing a world-class education within a Catholic environment for our students.

  • Catholic schools exist to enable students to learn the traditions and doctrines of the Catholic Church and to carry out the Gospel message of Jesus Christ in their daily lives

  • Each student in Catholic schools should experience the value of human dignity and the concepts of peace and justice to enable them to be participants in a global society

  • Catholic schools and parishes are partners with parents in the education of the children

  • Catholic school educators apply research-based curriculum and instructional strategies that enhance the learning of all students