Catholic schools in the Diocese of Des Moines are collaborative communities of spiritual formation and academic excellence, where students grow in faith and wisdom and emerge as responsible citizens dedicated to the practice of life-long discipleship.

Here is how our Catholic school values achieve it:



Daily exposure to our faith-based mission and a caring culture enables students (Catholic and non-Catholic) to learn about the divine teachings of Jesus Christ and freely discuss the compatibility of faith, science and reason without government restrictions or interference. (Today, nearly 10% of our students are non-Catholic.)

A Caring Community

Walk the halls of our Catholic schools and you’ll discover not just a great learning environment, but also an opportunity to form lifelong friendships with students and families who have the same values, aspirations and desires to advance the common good. This is especially important to those who don’t have other family members in the area.

A Great Education

Ours is a creative, disciplined, welcoming environment. We encourage our students to respect the diversity, dignity and beliefs of all in pursuit of knowledge and truth through critical thinking and constructive debate. This helps them form strong principals, a moral center and a vibrant community that celebrates all achievements for the common good. From a more practical perspective, that means fewer disruptions in the classroom, higher attendance and graduation rates, better test scores, and strong civic engagement.


We expect more from our students because we challenge them to aim higher — and not just academically, but spiritually and personally, as well. And it all starts with smaller class sizes and dedicated teachers who concentrate more on teaching “Life’s Biggest Subjects” instead of test score results.

Teaching the "whole person"

Catholic education is strong academics, new technologies and more. But we also help students discover their soul, build self-esteem, cultivate interests and develop the skills and empathy needed to create a better world. As a result, our students are fully engaged with the community. They study today’s difficult social challenges by building mutually beneficial relationships and exploring innovative solutions.


Our schools have a rich tradition that binds our communities and connects families, teachers and staff on a deeper level. Many of our faculty attended Catholic schools and grew up in our communities. Because of these relationships, they are personally invested in the success of our students and schools.

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