Spiritual Directors in the Diocese of Des Moines

Jennifer Jinks Hoffmann wrote this beautiful poem about the three chairs.  "You are a spiritual director,  I sit in my chair and you sit in yours.  I have come to see you with a longing that mystifies me.  You draw my attention to the third chair in the room.  You invite me to see with the eye of my heart the Source of my longing.  The eternal, invisible, loving, guiding, challenging, insistent Mystery in the third chair."

John Gaffney will assist you in your journey towards finding a spiritual director.  As someone himself who has had a spiritual director for over twenty years, he can answer a lot of questions you may have regarding the process especially if you are new to the process.  There is a small fee that spiritual directors charge for services.  You are not being rude by asking this question when inquiring about possibly setting up an initial session.  

Des Moines Metro Area:

Outside of the Des Moines Area: