Support Catholic Schools

Would you like to help fund our Catholic schools or sponsor student tuition? Your gift ensures local students have access to a holistic education within a supporting and caring environment. The value our students receive from a Catholic school education will serve them a lifetime.

Give the Gift of Catholic Educations

We offer the following tuition assistance programs to parents who are not able to pay the full tuition costs.

  • Catholic Tuition Organization (CTO)Individuals who donate to CTO will receive a 75% state income tax credit, as well as federal deductions when itemizing. Supporting CTO is a great way to help children receive a quality Catholic education. For more information, contact the Catholic Tuition Organization at 515-237-5010.

  • Parish/School Scholarship: Some parishes/schools have endowment funds established to support tuition assistance for parish families who attend the parish school. Individuals who donate to a parish or school scholarship fund will receive a tax deduction. Please help support a longstanding tradition of our Church to offer Catholic education whenever possible. For more information, contact your local school or parish.

  • Bishop's Celebration of Catholic SchoolsJoin us a we celebrate the life-changing impact our faith-centered education has provided for more than 150 years. This annual event recognizes special honorees, educators, administrators, and volunteers for their impact on our Catholic schools. For more information, tickets or to get involved in this year's event, call 515-237-5079 or email

  • You can contribute to our 2023 fundraising goal for Catholic Schools below!