Catholic Schools Office Staff

Our dedicated staff members are a major factor in the success of the Diocese of Des Moines Catholic Schools and its many students. Our people have been drawn to the Diocesan family because they wish to support excellence in education. We know that our team makes a tremendous difference to our students, so we make sure they are well-equipped and supported in carrying out that critical role.

Donna Bishop, Ed.S. — Superintendent of Schools,

The superintendent of schools assists the Bishop in all matters that pertain to his educational/formational ministry in Catholic schools. The superintendent consults with the bishop and the chancellor on matters affecting the Catholic identity, policies and regulations, and personnel of the schools. In addition, the superintendent upholds the accreditation standards for all the schools from the Iowa Department of Education, serves as the executive officer of the Diocesan Catholic Schools Board, is the liaison between the board and the local schools and confers with the diocesan attorney on legal matters. The superintendent provides service to school administrators, school pastors and local boards of education/school boards.


Nicole Castillo Waller, B.A.— Director of Multicultural Programming,

The Director of Multicultural Programming serves as advocate for multicultural students and parents by supporting enrollment and marketing initiatives as well as managing the diocesan English Language Learner program in our Catholic schools. This position coordinates with the superintendent of schools, school administrators, teachers of English Language Learners, as well as area public school partners and education agencies.


Nicole Evans, B.S., M.H.A., CCSL — Director of Marketing,


The director of marketing and enrollment management works with the superintendent of schools on all aspects of enrollment management, marketing, communications and community engagement priorities. This position provides leadership and coordination for a comprehensive enrollment management strategy with all schools in the diocese.



Anne Franklin, Ph.D. — Director of Professional Development,

The director of professional development coordinates efforts across the diocese to build highly effective school administrators and classroom teachers through collaborative planning, professional development, coaching, alignment of curriculum and assessment practices, data analysis to inform best practices, and the development of systemic responses to academic and behavior needs for all students.



Denise Mulcahy, M.S.E. — Director of Teaching and Learning,

The director of teaching and learning leads all efforts at K-12 school improvement. These efforts include overseeing the training and implementation of all required federal- and state-mandated educational programs. In addition, the director leads diocesan-wide initiatives, as well as assists principals in making local curricular and instructional decisions. School improvement includes standards-driven education, assessment, instruction and professional development, data collection, analysis, and management. The director of teaching and learning assists the schools and their personnel with a variety of special programs, including various professional and religious development programs.

Meet Our School Administrators

We are blessed with some of the best school administrators in Catholic education! Click on the links below to get to know our team.

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