Our Recipe for Success

Hello and welcome — we are so glad your family is a part of our Catholic school community. While there is a wonderful support system at each individual school, please know that you also have an entire network within the Diocese of Des Moines to support you.

Champion Child Interests

There are several ways to get involved and support your child's progress at your school. Help your student prepare for college and careers early by exploring various interests. View our extracurricular activities and athletics list and talk with your child’s school counselor or teachers about opportunities best suited for them. Learn more about student life. 

Stay Engaged

We always encourage parents to look for ways to connect the skills learned in the classroom to everyday challenges. Help your child practice communication skills by asking them about their day, homework and how they're learning. Staying engaged with lesson plans will help you bond and build trust throughout the years ahead.

Practice Cohesive Faith

Christ and Catholic identity are center focuses of our Catholic education curriculum. While our students explore faith through academic classes, scriptures, sacraments, morality, church history and traditions we encourage families to carry these lessons over into the home. While not all students who attend Catholic schools are Catholic, all do share experiences of faith, values and moral character development in the Catholic tradition.

Promote Good Attendance

Attendance is the foundation for success because students learn best when they are in school and following a consistent routine. When absences add up, students miss valuable lessons and opportunities. Make sure your child consistently attends school every day, and schedule appointments after school hours and on non-school days.