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Catholic schools in the Des Moines Diocese will be the most effective at building Christ-centered, collaborative, inclusive partnerships with parents, students, and parishes to provide innovative academic excellence and inspirational faith formation for students.


Faith Formation

Faith formation fosters a personal journey, promotes a relationship with Jesus, and teaches how to live the Gospel through love and service to others.

Pursuit of Excellence

Excellence is relentlessly pursued in academics and service by instilling a culture of continuous improvement, innovation, and growth that empowers students to maximize their potential and use their gifts to serve God and others.

Building Community

Schools with their parishes create a loving, caring and welcoming Catholic faith community that promotes integrity, trust, and collaboration among teachers, students, parents, and the wider parish.


1. Faith

At all Diocese of Des Moines Catholic Schools, our focus is to provide your student with an educational setting where faith is incorporated into the curriculum and daily routine to provide a foundation for success. While Catholic faith is the cornerstone of our schools, we welcome students of all faith traditions.

2. Excellence

Whether it’s in person or from a distance, Diocese of Des Moines Catholic Schools provide a caring, creative and quality learning environment for students in  Preschool - 12th grade. Our class sizes are small, but the subjects we teach are big. In addition to Common Core aligned curriculum, we offer STEM education, Fine Arts, Language Immersion, and Diverse Learner support. Our schools challenge all students to aim higher academically, spiritually and personally.

3. Community

Our dedicated teachers give each child individualized attention and welcome each family into a warm, supportive community. This sense of belonging helps students feel more secure when circumstances are beyond their control, allowing them to focus on their education. Parents are encouraged to be highly involved in the school community and their children's educational experience. Plus, students develop a sense of community and servant leadership through participation in service projects rooted in helping others.

4. Safe, Nurturing Environment

Our schools offer a safe, structured atmosphere where students learn and thrive. 

USCCB Safe Environment Resources, “To Protect To Heal” with the link

5. Accessibility

We continually strive to make Catholic education accessible for all who seek it. We offer sixteen Diocese of Des Moines Catholic Schools across three regions - Des Moines Metro, Rural (Perry, Creston, and Shelby), and Council Bluffs Metro - serving more than 6,100 students. Moreover, an education at Diocese of Des Moines Catholic Schools may be more affordable than you think. A number of tuition assistance opportunities are available to help families afford tuition, including grants, Catholic Tuition Organization and more. 

Want More Information?

Please contact the Catholic schools staff office for more information or to discover the difference a Catholic school can make for your child.

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