Vicars for the Diocese of Des Moines

The diocese has a few priests with special responsibilities as assigned by the bishop, known as vicars. Each has certain authority within a defined scope and allows the Diocese to serve the faithful more quickly and efficiently.

The Diocese is bound by Church law to have a vicar general, who is to assist the Bishop in the governance of the whole Diocese. The Diocese is also required to have a judicial vicar, with certain authority related to the Tribunal and other judicial matters.

Bishops are also able, but not required, to have episcopal vicars, to assist in the governance with authority in specific areas, such as regions (also called deaneries in some dioceses), or over specific areas of ministry such as Hispanic Ministry, Divine Worship, clergy, etc.

Meet Our Vicars

Vicar General

Fr. David Fleming serves as a vicar general. He is responsible for assisting the bishop in the general administration of the diocese.

Judicial Vicar

Fr. Christopher Pisut, pastor of St. Augustin in Des Moines, is the judicial vicar. He is responsible for overseeing the Tribunal and advising the bishop on issues related to Church law.

Vicar for Worship

Fr. Trevor Chicoine, pastor in Atlantic, Anita, Griswold, and Reno/Cumberland, serves as the Vicar for Worship.

Vicar for Hispanic Ministry

Fr. PJ McManus, pastor Christ the King in Des Moines, will serve as the Vicar for Hispanic Ministry.

Vicar for Priests

Fr. Michael Amadeo, pastor of Our Lady's Immaculate Heart Parish in Ankeny, will serve as the episcopal Vicar for Priests.