Why Go to Mass?

We are made for worship, community, and love - lived out in service to our families, our neighbors, and beyond. Mass nourishes us for all of life’s demands, and for the mission Jesus shares with us: Go out to all the world and proclaim the Good News of God’s love.

In this series speaker, author, and radio show host Jon Leonetti takes us through the signs, symbols, and actions of Mass, reminding us of why we do what we do when we gather to worship God. 

Session 1: An Introduction to Catholic Worship

Is Catholic Mass just for those who have it all together? Hardly! In this first video of the “Why Mass?” series, we explore faith in Jesus and the value of Sunday Mass for our real lives, struggles and all.

Session 2: Gathering as Community

In a world of live-streaming and busy schedules, why physically gather for church on Sunday? In this second video of the “Why Mass?” series, we discuss the value of coming together as community. And we look at how the symbols and rituals of Catholic Mass are meant to engage us in holistic worship.

Session 3: God Speaks to Us

God does speak to us, though it’s not always as direct as we would like. In this third video of the “Why Mass?” series, we look at the central place of Scripture in the Catholic Mass. And how hearing God’s Word (the Bible) together helps us discern what God is saying and how to apply it to our lives, personally and communally.

Session 4: Jesus is Our Bread of Life

In every Catholic church, the crucifix and altar point to the real gift Jesus offers us at Mass: Himself! In this fourth video of the “Why Mass?” series, we ponder the divine love revealed on the Cross and made available to us through the Last Supper. And how receiving such extraordinary love in the Eucharist can be transformative for ordinary us.

Session 5: Bringing Jesus to Others

Who will bring the love of God into our world if not the Body of Christ, the Church? That means us! Mass means to be sent in Latin; it’s linked to mission. In this fifth video of the “Why Mass?” series, we unpack the implications of what it means to be Catholic-Christian disciples nourished and sent forth in the name of Jesus each week.