About Us

The Diocese of Des Moines, created in 1911, serves people over a 12,446 square mile area in the southwestern quadrant of Iowa, including 23 counties.

The Diocese of Des Moines is comprised of:

  • 108,687 estimated Catholics with a total population of 909,002, according to the 2020 Official Catholic Directory report. We estimate we serve 130,000 when including unregistered Hispanic families.
  • 80 parishes
  • 16 schools
  • 51 active diocesan priests, and
  • 4 Catholic hospitals

nullBishop William Joensen is our shepherd.  

Retired bishops are: Bishop Richard Pates and Bishop Joseph L. Charron, C.PP.S.


We are sowing God's Spirit.


We are cultivating connections in Christ through encounter, friendship and commmunion.

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