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Rural Parishes to Resume Public Mass

Churches in 15 of our 23 counties will resume publicly celebrated Masses this week based on consultation with medical experts, the CDC guidelines and discussions with representatives from across the diocese.


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Our shepherd, Bishop William Joensen, leads us to know and love Jesus Christ in our time.

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There are millions of reasons why a Catholic education is the best education around. Witness the difference!

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We serve the 23 counties of central and southwest Iowa, making it easy to find a parish near you!

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Ascension Sunday Reflection 

On this Ascension Sunday, Bishop Joensen reflects on Jesus' reunion with God the Father. Jesus was drawn back to heaven, bringing our humanity with him, uniting heaven and earth. This reunion gives us everlasting hope of eternity and raises our hearts to God.


News & Blog

News: Some rural parishes allowed to publicly celebrate Mass

May 18, 2020

Bishop William Joensen is allowing parishes in 15 of the 23 counties that comprise the diocese to open for publicly celebrated Masses beginning this Thursday provided parishes meet certain criteria. Mills County can open on Monday, May 25.

Bishop: Homeward Bound

May 16, 2020

As we wait for the day when we can worship together again, let charity prevail. It makes patience and forbearance possible when decisions are beyond our control, and prevents us from succumbing to bitterness and rancor.

Let's Get Psyched: Smiles, We Need Them

May 8, 2020

When you give a smile to someone you show them God. The smile says "I see you," "I hear you," and "I receive you."

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