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May we have the courage to make the choices that benefit the common good.


Catholic Schools

There are millions of reasons why a Catholic education is the best education around. Witness the difference!

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Visit Jesus

Are you experiencing "spiritual attention deficit disorder"? Spend time with Jesus, particularly in adoration. Our parishes are offering opportunities for you to find peace, forgiveness, healing & God's love.

Holy Hours

Year of St. Joseph

Check out this opportunity to consecrate your life to St. Joseph.

St. Joseph

God's Light Amid Pain of the Pandemic 

Bishop Joensen reflects on how our faith calls us to rise above our individual dispositions to make sacrifices for the common good.



Why go to Mass?

 Tom Quiner, of Holy Trinity Parish in Des Moines, shares why he goes to Mass. We invite you to join us in the celebration of the Mass. Contact your local parish for Mass times.






News & Blog

News: Diocesan schools follow state mask law

September 22, 2021

A temporary injunction on a state law banning mask mandates in schools (HR847) addressed public school districts. It did not provide Catholic schools relief. Our Catholic schools continue to comply with the state law. We remain committed to helping slow the spread of COVID-19, to transparency in our policies and reporting of cases, and to providing high quality spiritual and academic formation in a safe and nurturing environment.

Eucharistic Reflection: Make time for adoration

September 20, 2021

Pope Francis wants us to make time for adoration, a way of prayer that he says is too frequently forgotten.

Health experts say vaccination is a pro-life issue

September 17, 2021

Catholic healthcare experts explain why getting the COVID-19 is a prolife act that protects the most vulnerable and is in the interest of the common good.

Diocesan Events

Ministries & Services

Service Opportunities

Looking for a place to share your time and talent in service to others? There are several ways to get involved within Des Moines and our surrounding communities.


The Diocese of Des Moines provides many opportunities for people to share their gifts. Your generosity and support impact children and families of our community.

Catholic Social Teaching

In Catholic Social Teaching, the Church outlines seven specific ways we can put our faith into action by loving one another.