Why Do Parents Choose Catholic Schools?

We think our Diocese of Des Moines Catholic schools offer some of the best educational opportunities for students, but don't take our word for it. Read what some of our families have said about our schools.

Parent Testimonials

"The best part about our school is the people. It's a family! They'll tell you it's a family and they mean it! They don't just say it. The amount of love and care from the faculty, staff, parents and kids shows each and every day!" —St. Theresa parent

"Faith-based education has always been important to our family, and we are so grateful we chose to be a part of the St. Francis of Assisi community. We are constantly impressed with the dedication of the teachers, administration, faculty, and staff. They strive to offer our children the best combination of religious and academic education in an environment that strengthens their Catholic faith." —St. Francis of Assisi parents

"Our school is fostered on faith, family and education. From the minute my children walk in the door, they feel safe and loved. Our school shines a beacon of light on education while instilling Christian values on a daily basis. Because of this, we are proud to be a part of the Catholic school family." —Shelby County Catholic parent

"Catholic school is also about our children learning to be servant leaders who look at the world around them with kind eyes and an open heart. The rewards will benefit them and our communities long after graduation." —St. Luke the Evangelist parent

"Saint Albert Catholic is an extension of our family. As a parent, education is obviously my priority, but being able to know so many of the teachers, students and staff who have a hand in my child's experience solidifies my decision to be a part of this community." —Saint Albert Catholic parent

"Our school is unique with its small and diverse community. Having the age range we have in a daycare - 8th grade environment creates an opportunity for leaders and disciples to thrive. Parents send their children to our school for a different experience, and they become invested in their student's education and faith life." —Christ the King parent

"We selected St. Anthony's because of the innovation of the Spanish Immersion program. In our world today knowing another language fluently gives our children a wider, more compassionate way to view the world and people. We are so thankful that St. Anthony's school was innovative with this program and saw the need to fill Des Moines with an immersion program." —St. Anthony parent

"Choosing our school is by far the best investment we have made in our children’s future. The small class sizes ensure individual attention and lifelong friendships with classmates. St. Patrick is not only a school, it is a family, and you feel that as soon as you walk in the door." —St. Patrick parent

"We feel so lucky that we are a part of the Sacred Heart School community.  It truly is a community, as we immediately felt welcomed by many current families the first day of school for our son. The staff are truly in it for the right reasons and we know our kids are getting a top notch education as well as character development." —Sacred Heart parent