Catholic School Education Outcomes

At Diocese of Des Moines Catholic Schools, excellence is relentlessly pursued in academics by instilling a culture of continuous improvement, innovation and growth. As a result, our schools challenge all students to aim higher academically, spiritually and personally.

All of our students work toward the following outcomes:

  • Apply technology competently.
  • Think critically and creatively.
  • Solve problems independently and cooperatively.
  • Reason scientifically, mathematically and historically.
  • Accept Church, civic and personal responsibility.
  • Anticipate and constructively react to change.
  • Communicate ideas and emotions effectively.
  • Demonstrate global awareness, cross-cultural understanding and social justice principles.
  • Cultivate an understanding and appreciation of the arts.

Our students have achieved the following:

  • 100% of our students graduate
  • 96% of our students go to college
  • See how our students stack up to their peers statewide