Grade Level Milestones


“The parish is, without doubt, the most important locus in which the Christian community is formed and expressed.…The parish is also the usual place in which the faith is born and in which it grows” (General Directory for Catechesis, #257)

Faith Formation is a lifelong process:

  • learning about God and the Church through study, prayer and service to others,
  • learning about oneself, and
  • learning habits that help one appreciate and value God's gift of faith.  

Evangelization is also a lifelong process:

  • building relationships by learning about the person right in front of you,
  • identifying the encounter you have had with Christ working in your life, and 
  • sharing that encounter with the person in front of you.

The milestones identified in these pages is shared with you to help identify learning objectives for children in a given age.  This tool is not meant to be an assessment on your child or your parish program.  It is designed to help you partner with your parish or Catholic school program to ensure your child's faith is systematically growing.  Information plus formation in faith leads one to a transformative encounter with Christ.

The milestone pages below list personal and faith descriptors of a typical child of a specific age in four categories: Creedal Church (primarily doctrines and dogmas); Moral Life (primarily moral values contained in the Commandments, Beatitudes and habits which guide the lives of Christians); Liturgy and Sacraments (primarily knowledge of the Church's sacraments, liturgical seasons and feasts); and Prayer (opportunities to communicate with or listen to God communally or privately.)

Milestones by Grade Level