The Diocese of Des Moines



Faith Journey seeks to form missionary disciples who will foster a holistic Catholic identity in our diocesan schools.




Faith Journey is a program that will strengthen Catholic identity at our Diocesan schools by providing faith formation to our Diocesan faculty, staff, and administrations.  It seeks to form the intellectual and spiritual lives of its participants by teaching the foundations of Catholic theology, allowing time for personal reflection and prayer, encouraging small-group faith discussions, and inspiring on-going witness of faithful Christian discipleship in both personal and professional lives.


Faith Journey’s Three Pillars of Formation:


1. Intellectual Formation: Intellectual formation consists in studying the revealed Truth of God in the Biblical text, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, Catholic Social principles, Catholic moral principles, and theology of salvation.


2. Spiritual Formation: Spiritual formation consists in devoting time to building and deepening a relationship with God through prayer and reflection.


3. Formation for Community: The formation for community consists in sharing one’s faith with others and to learn from others the joys, struggles, and insights which can lead to a tighter-knit community helping to form one another in becoming better disciples of Christ.


A Faith Journey session generally includes:


• Diving deeper into the Bible, Catechism, and other traditional Catholic writings to appreciate the rich Catholic tradition and God's working in our lives through the Church.

• Time for prayer in order to afford the participants opportunities to encounter deeper the Ever Living God, and identify possible actions they can take to become better members of their school communities.


• Faith sharing and discussion in small groups so that participants can share and garner wisdom from their peers in hopes of deepending growth and maturity in their faith lives.