The Diocese of Des Moines

Catholic Schools Office Staff

Dr. Tracy Bonday :: Director of Catholic School Administration :: (515) 237-5013
The Director of Catholic School Administration assists the Bishop in all matters that pertain to his educational/formational ministry in Catholic Schools. The director consults with the Bishop and the Chancellor on matters affecting the Catholic identity, policies and regulations, and personnel of the schools. In addition, the director upholds the accreditation standards for all the schools from the Iowa Department of Education, serves as the Executive Officer of the Diocesan Catholic Schools Board and is the liaison between the Board and the local schools and confers with the diocesan attorney on legal matters. The director provides service to the school administrators, pastors with schools, and local boards of education/school boards.

Julie Melcher :: Director of Educational Services :: (515) 237-5015
The primary purpose is to assist the students and the schools of the Diocese of Des Moines in obtaining all allowable government programs and services. The director meets yearly with the designated personnel in each of the public school districts in which the diocese has a school to determine the amount and kind of services and funding that will be provided.

The Director of Educational Services assists the schools and their personnel with a variety of special programs including counseling, Universal Pre-School, Federal Government and Title Programs, elementary school algebra and nursing services.

Denise Mulcahy :: Director of Teaching and Learning :: (515) 237-5035
The Director of Teaching and Learning leads all efforts at K-12 school improvement. These efforts include overseeing the training and implementation of all required federal and state mandated educational programs. In addition, the director leads initiatives that are diocesan-wide as well as assisting principals in making local curricular and instructional decisions.

School improvement includes standards-driven education, assessment, instruction and professional development, data collection, analysis and management.  The Director of Teaching and Learning assists the schools and their personnel with a variety of special programs including talented and gifted, technology and Teacher Learning Communities.  In addition, the director arranges for various professional and religious development programs.

Nicole Castillo Waller: Hispanic Advocate/Representante Latino de las escuelas Católicas: (515) 237-5088
The Hispanic Advocate is focused on serving Spanish speaking parents and students within the Diocesan Catholic Schools by supporting ongoing admissions and retention efforts.  This position coordinates with the Superintendent and Principals in each of the Diocesan Schools, and the Hispanic Ministry office.

Sue Ann Strecker :: Administrative Secretary :: (515) 237-5013
The Administrative Secretary provides support for the Catholic Schools Office. The Administrative Secretary performs a wide variety of clerical and office activities and works closely with the schools to collect and distribute information.