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“The small class size has been a huge benefit and allows each student to be reached and receive individual attention.  Also, from day one, my children have been taught about being respectful, caring and responsible.  I can teach that at home but having that reinforcement at school is a tremendous help.  The school has lifted a burden for me.  To know my kids are being educated in such a caring, Christ-centered environment with all the support they could want or need, it’s simply amazing.”

- Merry, Catholic school parent


Diocesan School Improvement Efforts

Every year, the Diocese of Des Moines Catholic schools and teachers focus on improving their classroom practices using research based strategies.  They encounter different professional development opportunities as a diocese and in their individual schools.


Each year, all administrators and teachers write professional practice goals.  These goals are developed after consideration of student achievement data and school goals.  Progress is monitored through reflection, observation, practice and discussion between administrators and teachers.


The Diocese of Des Moines is also working on the implementation of the Iowa Core.  This initiative has been mandated by the State of Iowa to ensure all students are receiving a quality and equitable curriculum across the state. 

Continuous Improvement Newsletter

Each month, the Schools Office provides a newsletter that focuses on the professional growth and faith formation for which our school administrators and staff are involved. The newsletter provides parents with information about the professional work happening in the schools, and will update parents on topics, strategies, and progress throughout the year. In the Diocese of Des Moines, our leaders and teachers are committed to professional growth because they believe in offering students the best education possible.


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