The Diocese of Des Moines

Diocesan Catholic Schools Board

The role of the Diocesan Catholic Schools Board is to support the Catholic schools in the Diocese of Des Moines by a firm commitment to:

  1. Be consultative regarding matters relating to schools.

  2. Serve as a resource to the Bishop in regard to school needs and issues.

  3. Establish policy that govern and direct school operations and programs.

  4. Contribute to a high level of understanding and support of the schools within the diocese and civic community.

  5. Serve as the recognized agent with the Iowa Department of Education.


Diocesan Catholic Schools Board Mission Statement

Establish policy for the local Catholic school community that ensures gospel-based formation adn learning for all students.


Diocesan Catholic Schools Board Vision Statement

Catholic SChools in the Diocese of Des Moines, based on the teaching of Jesus Christ and the mission of the Church, are collaborative communities of spiritual formation and academic excellence, where students grow in faith and wisdom and emerge as responsible citizens dedicated to the practice of life-long discipleship.


Diocesan Catholic Schools Board Goals

  1. Promote the Catholic identity/character of the schools
  2. Build and strengthen relationships with pastors, administrators, and local boards of education/school boards
  3. Advocae for strong and viable Catholic schools through marketing, recruitment, and connection with policy makers
  4. Promote diversity, in its many forms, among Catholic Schools Board membership, its committees, and the schools' employees
  5. Support student recruitment and enrollment efforts among the immigrant and minority populations
  6. Create a Financial Development Committee to investigate the various aspects of school finance


2017-18 members of the Diocesan Catholic Schools Board

Most Rev. Richard E. Pates, President
Beth Schulte, Chair

Rev. Guthrie Dolan

Rev. Mr. Francis Chan

Deann Cook

Margarita Pizano

Gloria Castellano

Clark Smith

Connor Flynn

Nicole Proesch

Dr. Tracy Bonday, Executive Officer


Diocese of Des Moines Catholic Schools Board Meeting Minutes