The Diocese of Des Moines



What is Faith Journey?


Faith Journey oversees two initiatives of the Diocese of Des Moines organized to promote and strengthen Catholic identity.


The two inititives are:


Catholic Schools Faculty and Staff Faith Formation

Catechetical Institute


About the Logo:


Color and design: In traditional Christian symbolism, the color of black is the color for sin and death, while the blue is taken to mean truth and heaven (or life).  The 't' in faith is intentionally designed to look like the cross of Christ, and at the heart of the cross is where death encounters resurrection, where Christ, Light from Light, conquers death.


Meaning: The intention of the logo is to show that we are all pilgrims on different parts and paths of the journey towards God.  Yet, we will need to rely on the light from the heart of the cross to lead us to encounter Christ's death and resurrection.  In doing so, the light from the heart of the cross will penetrate through the sin and death of the world to lead us to Christ's heart where we will will find eternal life.



John Huynh

601 Grand Avenue

Des Moines, IA 50309

Ph: 515-237-5006