The Diocese of Des Moines


The Catholic Church views marriage as a great gift from God which as a Sacrament both points to, and makes present God's radical love.  Christ's vision of marriage is one of vocation; it is a call from God which is mean to be lived for the sanctification of the spouses and the whole community.  This view of marriage is challenging, but it was also given to us to that our "joy might be complete" (John 15:11).  In our world today Christ's vision of marriage and of the family is one which intvites us to live abundantly! (John 10:10)


Sharing in Christ's vision, the Diocese of Des Moines Marriage and Family Life Office seeks to work with parishes and couples, walking with all families in all their stages, in their joys and sorrows, their celebrations and challenges.  The Marriage and Family Life Office accomplishes this goal in three related ways:



The Marriage and Family Life Office helps organize and facilitate marriage preparation throughout our diocese, with the goal of catechizing couples regarding the covenantal relationship they are entering, equipping them with the necessary tools to thrive in their vocation, and supporting them throughout their married lives.


"For Christians, marriage, which has its origin in God the Creator, also implies a real vocation to a particular state and a life of grace.  In order to be brought to its maturation, this vocation requires adequate, particular preparation and a specific path of faith and love, all the more so because this vocation is given to a couple for the good of the Church and society."  (Preparation for the Sacrament of Marriage, Pontifical Council of the Family)



The Marriage and Family Life Office helps coordinate marriage enrichment opportunities throughout the diocese, as well as provides parishes with enrichment resources and tools in order to better help them support their parish families.


"It is easier for married people to make progress if, with respect for the Church's teaching and with trust in the grace of Christ, and with the help and support of the pastors of souls and the entire ecclesial community, they are able to discover and experience the liberating and inspiring value of the authentic love that is offered by the Gospel and set before us by the Lord's commandment."  (Familiaris Consortio)



The Marriage and Family Life Office helps by advancing the Christian vision of marriage and family life in the culture of south west Iowa, proclaiming again the great invitation and challenge that is extended to every family through the Gospel, and reminding our marriages of the support that Christ and His Church offer.


"Christians also have the mission of proclaiming with joy and conviction the Good News about the family, for the family absolutely needs to hear ever anew and to understand ever more deeply the authentic words that reveal its identity, its inner resources and the importance of its mission in the City of God and in that of man."  (Familiaris Consortio)


For more information, contact Adam Storey in the diocesan Marriage Ministry Office at 515-237-5056 or e-mail  him at