The Diocese of Des Moines

Training Requirements


All employees of the diocese are required to complete the VIRTUS online training.  Volunteers who have regular (i.e., three or more hours each month) contact with minors are required to complete the VIRTUS online training.  Live training is available for scheduling upon request for groups of 10 or more participants.


Minors are not required to participate in the VIRTUS training; however, they are encouraged to take advantage of the training.



An important component of the Safe Environment program is participation in training through by reviewing and completing monthly training bulletins.  The bulletins (distributed by provide valuable information and education regarding safe environments and youth advocacy.  A Matrix to assist the program administrator in identifying positions that are required to participate in monthly training bulletins can be accessed by clicking here.  Furthermore, the Matrix depicts all required processes of the Safe Environment program.


Safe Environment program administrators at each parish/school are expected to communicate this requirement to designated employees/volunteers at the start of their service.


If your role in the diocese requires participation in the bulletins, please take a moment to login and review your VIRTUS account, update as necessary, and complete any outstanding bulletins to bring your account current.  If you are not receiving the monthly bulletins, need assistance with your User ID or Password, or have any questions please contact Jacque Shoeman at 515-237-5097.